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Meditation My Life Saviour!

Meditation Have A Great DayMeditation is a real passsion for me, as is opening and getting the best from my mind and my life. My reason for beginning to take quiet time in the first place is simple. As with many people I had a massive need for stress relief in my life.

Admitting I had a problem with stress was no small thing. Working in a high pressure job in the city it kind of becomes a natural thing to have a high degree of stress in life. Things pile up, and because everyone else gets on with it, so do you. Likely you know the scenario, it is way too common not to know it.

Therein lies the problem. Because it is such a common thing people regard it as a normal part of life. I guessing having had it as a part of my life for a huge length of time, and feeling the direction it was taking me I had had enough. I knew I had to do something. Heck having worked in life insurance I knew what the likely outcomes were if it carried on.

Thanks be to the Internet!

So I started searching around for some good options. Something simple and easy that I could fit around my schedule. Yeah, much as it would have been nice to quit the day job I still needed to get paid, lifes a B hey! So something easy going and ideally quick that I could do on a daily basis is what I wanted.

After much searching and finding a great site, kepala.net, I got what I wanted. Learning meditation suddenly became a really viable option, everything was explained so simply. Masses of preconceptions were blown away as I read through their what is meditation section. Light was glimmering at the end of the tunnel.

They had also brought together a great set of resource on the health benefits of meditation, how could I have missed this for so long? It was all so simple and seemed so easy to follow.

Learning To Meditate

Meditation Rise And Shine

I still reckoned I needed help though. I had never meditated before, a total newbie, and needed some guidence on the subject. Going to regular meditation lessons and being coached was out of the question sadly, my hours at work were just way too long. So I needed a flexible option to learn meditation from.

So I decided to check out the recommendations they gave for guided meditation tracks. They seemed really logical in terms of things to use. I mean it is like having your own meditation guru there with you right. Someone to tell you exactly what to do and when. So I picked out the recommended tracks, hit download and then went off into what was my first experience.

I loved it from the first experience. That first meditation was amazing. The feeling of slipping into deep relaxation, and the massive stress relief that came with it, totally amazing. So now I meditate twice a day, 30 minutes or so in the morning and the same in the evening. I feel totally revitalised, I feel free, and work has become easy and way more productive. So seriously I totally recommend meditating to everyone, and kepala.net is a great place to get the meditation knowledge you need!

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